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Organic Coffee Enema for Liver Detoxification

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The coffee enema has been used for many years to detoxify the liver. It is a low-volume enema that remains only in the sigmoid colon. There is a duct between the sigmoid colon and the liver called the entero-hepatic circulation system. When the stool reaches this point, it contains many toxins, which are sent to the liver for detoxification. The coffee enema will increase the transit time in the bowel. The caffeine that is absorbed into the entero-hepatic system causes the liver ducts, including the bile ducts, to empty into the sigmoid colon and be eliminated. Releasing the toxins in the liver ducts, makes room for toxins from the body to enter the liver for detoxification. The alkaloids in the caffeine stimulate the production of glutathione-S-transferase, which is an enzyme that facilitates the liver detoxification pathways.

Coffee enemas will not waste minerals and electrolytes because they have already been absorbed in the previous sections of the intestines. The coffee enema is safe even for people who are sensitive to caffeine because the coffee remains in the sigmoid colon, where it will not be absorbed, provided the proper amount is used and the enema bag is not place too high.

A coffee blend that can be drunk as well as being very suitable as a blend for cleansing enemas. Certified Organic in Canada.

The coffee enema is widely publicised these days as part of cancer therapy and chronic care naturopathy. It is excellent for relieving healing crisis pain and discomfort, for stimulating the liver to dump bile by absorption of the coffee into the haemorrhoidal veins and the portal vein, and for encouraging deep cleansing of the colon by stimulating peristaltic activity. It is a regular part of the Gerson Therapy regime and the Kelly cancer programme.

After much research and testing s.a.Wilsons have developed a coffee blend with enhanced therapeutic properties with cleansing in mind. s.a.Wilsons therapy blend coffee is the first commercially available coffee specifically engineered for detoxification, so you can choose this superior blend with confidence if you wish to use the coffee for cleansing enemas instead of for drinking. The high palmitate content of these select beans is protected by a roasting process guaranteed to produce a finely ground coffee rich in the strongest stimulants of the most powerful human anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic, and antiteratogenic enzyme system.

s.a.Wilsons coffee is not like the average blend you can buy at a retail outlet or supermarket that is blended only for taste. By selecting the beans for their specific properties and by using a light roasting technique the saWilsons blend contains higher levels of the active elements required for an effective coffee enema namely caffeine, palmitic acid and cafestol than is normally found in traditional coffee